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[master] Changelog

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197. [bug] zhang likun
Remove expired message and rrset entries when looking up them
in cache, touch or remove the rrset entry in cache properly
when doing lookup or update.
(Trac #661, git 9efbe64fe3ff22bb5fba46de409ae058f199c8a7)
196. [bug] jinmei
b10-auth, src/lib/datasrc: the backend of the in-memory data
source could not handle the root name. As a result b10-auth could
not work as a root server when using the in-memory data source.
(Trac #683, git 420ec42bd913fb83da37b26b75faae49c7957c46)
195. [func] stephen
Resolver will now re-try a query over TCP if a response to a UDP
query has the TC bit set.
(Trac #499, git 4c05048ba059b79efeab53498737abe94d37ee07)
194. [bug] vorner
Solved a 100% CPU usage problem after switching addresses in b10-auth
(and possibly, but unconfirmed, in b10-resolver). It was caused by
repeated reads/accepts on closed socket (the bug was in the code for a
long time, recent changes made it show).
(Trac #657, git e0863720a874d75923ea66adcfbf5b2948efb10a)
193. [func]* jreed
Listen on the IPv6 (::) and IPv4 ( wildcard addresses
for b10-auth. This returns to previous behavior prior to
change #184. Document the listen_on configuration in manual.
(Trac #649, git 65a77d8fde64d464c75917a1ab9b6b3f02640ca6)
192. [func]* jreed
Listen on standard domain port 53 for b10-auth and
(Trac #617, #618, git 137a6934a14cf0c5b5c065e910b8b364beb0973f)
191. [func] jinmei
Imported system test framework of BIND 9. It can be run by
'make systest' at the top source directory. Notes: currently it
doesn't work when built in a separate tree. It also requires
perl, an inherited dependency from the original framework.
Also, mainly for the purpose of tests, a new option "--pid-file"
was added to BoB, with which the boss process will dump its PID
to the specified file.
(Trac #606, git 6ac000df85625f5921e8895a1aafff5e4be3ba9c)
190. [func] jelte
Resolver now sets random qids on outgoing queries using
the boost::mt19937 prng.
(Trac #583, git 5222b51a047d8f2352bc9f92fd022baf1681ed81)
189. [bug] jreed
Do not install the log message compiler.
(Trac #634, git eb6441aca464980d00e3ff827cbf4195c5a7afc5)
188. [bug] zhang likun 188. [bug] zhang likun
Make the rrset trust level ranking algorithm used by Make the rrset trust level ranking algorithm used by
isc::cache::MessageEntry::getRRsetTrustLevel() follow RFC2181 isc::cache::MessageEntry::getRRsetTrustLevel() follow RFC2181
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