Commit 11aedc9c authored by Razvan Becheriu's avatar Razvan Becheriu Committed by Tomek Mrugalski
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fixed kea-admin dscsql lease-init script

parent 8cb4a578
......@@ -217,11 +217,11 @@ dscsql_init() {
exit 1
COUNT=`echo $RESULT | grep $db_name | wc -w`
COUNT=`echo $RESULT | tr " " "\n" | grep $db_name | wc -w`
if [ $COUNT -gt 0 ]; then
# Let't start with a new line. cqlsh could have printed something out.
printf "\n"
log_error "Expected empty database $db_name, but there are $COUNT tables: \n$RESULT. Aborting."
log_error "Expected no database $db_name, but there are $COUNT databases: \n$RESULT. Aborting."
exit 1
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