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......@@ -14,8 +14,10 @@
import unittest
import re
import shutil
import socket
import sqlite3
import sys
import io
from isc.testutils.tsigctx_mock import MockTSIGContext
......@@ -170,7 +172,8 @@ class MockDataSourceClient():
return (ZoneFinder.SUCCESS, dup_soa_rrset)
raise ValueError('Unexpected input to mock finder: bug in test case?')
def get_updater(self, zone_name, replace):
def get_updater(self, zone_name, replace, journaling=False):
self._journaling_enabled = journaling
return self
def add_rrset(self, rrset):
......@@ -1132,6 +1135,7 @@ class TestAXFR(TestXfrinConnection):
def test_do_xfrin(self):
self.conn.response_generator = self._create_normal_response_data
self.assertEqual(self.conn.do_xfrin(False), XFRIN_OK)
def test_do_xfrin_with_tsig(self):
# use TSIG with a mock context. we fake all verify results to
......@@ -1283,6 +1287,7 @@ class TestIXFRResponse(TestXfrinConnection):
answers=[soa_rrset, begin_soa_rrset, soa_rrset, soa_rrset])
self.assertEqual(type(XfrinIXFREnd()), type(self.conn.get_xfrstate()))
self.assertEqual([], self.conn._datasrc_client.diffs)
[[('delete', begin_soa_rrset), ('add', soa_rrset)]],
......@@ -1387,6 +1392,8 @@ class TestIXFRResponse(TestXfrinConnection):
answers=[soa_rrset, ns_rr, a_rr, soa_rrset])
self.assertEqual(type(XfrinAXFREnd()), type(self.conn.get_xfrstate()))
# In the case AXFR-style IXFR, journaling must have been disabled.
self.assertEqual([], self.conn._datasrc_client.diffs)
# The SOA should be added exactly once, and in our implementation
# it should be added at the end of the sequence.
......@@ -1540,6 +1547,19 @@ class TestXFRSessionWithSQLite3(TestXfrinConnection):
self.assertEqual(XFRIN_OK, self.conn.do_xfrin(False, RRType.IXFR()))
self.assertEqual(1234, self.get_zone_serial())
# Also confirm the corresponding diffs are stored in the diffs table
conn = sqlite3.connect(self.sqlite3db_obj)
cur = conn.cursor()
cur.execute('SELECT name, rrtype, ttl, rdata FROM diffs ORDER BY id')
soa_rdata_base = ' ' + \
'SERIAL 3600 1800 2419200 7200'
re.sub('SERIAL', str(1230), soa_rdata_base)),
re.sub('SERIAL', str(1234), soa_rdata_base))])
def test_do_ixfrin_sqlite3_fail(self):
'''Similar to the previous test, but xfrin fails due to error.
......@@ -367,7 +367,10 @@ class XfrinIXFRDeleteSOA(XfrinState):
' RR is given in IXFRDeleteSOA state')
# This is the beginning state of one difference sequence (changes
# for one SOA update). We need to create a new Diff object now.
conn._diff = Diff(conn._datasrc_client, conn._zone_name)
# Note also that we (unconditionally) enable journaling here. The
# Diff constructor may internally disable it, however, if the
# underlying data source doesn't support journaling.
conn._diff = Diff(conn._datasrc_client, conn._zone_name, False, True)
self.set_xfrstate(conn, XfrinIXFRDelete())
return True
......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ class Diff:
the changes to underlying data source right away, but keeps them for
a while.
def __init__(self, ds_client, zone, replace=False):
def __init__(self, ds_client, zone, replace=False, journaling=False):
Initializes the diff to a ready state. It checks the zone exists
in the datasource and if not, NoSuchZone is raised. This also creates
......@@ -67,13 +67,25 @@ class Diff:
The ds_client is the datasource client containing the zone. Zone is
isc.dns.Name object representing the name of the zone (its apex).
If replace is true, the content of the whole zone is wiped out before
If replace is True, the content of the whole zone is wiped out before
applying the diff.
If journaling is True, the history of subsequent updates will be
recorded as well as the updates themselves as long as the underlying
data source support the journaling. If the data source allows
incoming updates but does not support journaling, the Diff object
will still continue applying the diffs with disabling journaling.
You can also expect isc.datasrc.Error or isc.datasrc.NotImplemented
self.__updater = ds_client.get_updater(zone, replace)
self.__updater = ds_client.get_updater(zone, replace, journaling)
except isc.datasrc.NotImplemented as ex:
if not journaling:
raise ex
self.__updater = ds_client.get_updater(zone, replace, False), zone, ds_client)
if self.__updater is None:
# The no such zone case
raise NoSuchZone("Zone " + str(zone) +
......@@ -19,3 +19,13 @@
The xfrin module received an update containing multiple rdata changes for the
same RRset. But the TTLs of these don't match each other. As we combine them
together, the later one get's overwritten to the earlier one in the sequence.
% LIBXFRIN_NO_JOURNAL disabled journaling for updates to %1 on %2
An attempt was made to create a Diff object with journaling enabled, but
the underlying data source didn't support journaling (while still allowing
updates) and so the created object has it disabled. At a higher level this
means that the updates will be applied to the zone but subsequent IXFR requests
will result in a full zone transfer (i.e., an AXFR-style IXFR). Unless the
overhead of the full transfer is an issue this message can be ignored;
otherwise you may want to check why the journaling wasn't allowed on the
data source and either fix the issue or use a different type of data source.
......@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@
import isc.log
import unittest
import isc.datasrc
from isc.dns import Name, RRset, RRClass, RRType, RRTTL, Rdata
from isc.xfrin.diff import Diff, NoSuchZone
......@@ -127,7 +128,7 @@ class DiffTest(unittest.TestCase):
return self.__rrclass
def get_updater(self, zone_name, replace):
def get_updater(self, zone_name, replace, journaling=False):
This one pretends this is the data source client and serves
getting an updater.
......@@ -138,11 +139,20 @@ class DiffTest(unittest.TestCase):
# The diff should not delete the old data.
self.assertEqual(self.__should_replace, replace)
self.__updater_requested = True
# Pretend this zone doesn't exist
if zone_name == Name(''):
# Pretend this zone doesn't exist
return None
# If journaling is enabled, record the fact; for a special zone
# pretend that we don't support journaling.
if journaling:
if zone_name == Name(''):
raise isc.datasrc.NotImplemented('journaling not supported')
self.__journaling_enabled = True
return self
self.__journaling_enabled = False
return self
def test_create(self):
......@@ -152,6 +162,8 @@ class DiffTest(unittest.TestCase):
diff = Diff(self, Name(''))
self.assertEqual([], diff.get_buffer())
# By default journaling is disabled
def test_create_nonexist(self):
......@@ -161,6 +173,14 @@ class DiffTest(unittest.TestCase):
self.assertRaises(NoSuchZone, Diff, self, Name(''))
def test_create_withjournal(self):
Diff(self, Name(''), False, True)
def test_create_nojournal(self):
Diff(self, Name(''), False, True)
def __data_common(self, diff, method, operation):
Common part of test for test_add and test_delte.
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