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[1367] Initial documentation for DHCPv4 is ready.

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......@@ -1872,7 +1872,7 @@ then change those defaults with config set Resolver/forward_addresses[0]/address
<section id="dhcp4-config">
<title>Server Configuration</title>
DHCPv4 server does not have lease database implemented yet
......@@ -1900,12 +1900,59 @@ const std::string HARDCODED_SERVER_ID = "";</screen>
<section id="dhcp4-limit">
<title>DHCPv4 Server Limitations</title>
During initial IPv4 node configuration, where server has to
This are the current limitations of DHCPv4 server
software. Most of them are reflection of the early stage of
<simpara>During initial IPv4 node configuration, where server has to
send packet to a node that does not have IPv4 address
assigned yet, server requires certain tricks (or hacks) to
transmit such packets. This is not implemented yet, therefore
DHCPv4 server supports relayed traffic only.
DHCPv4 server supports relayed traffic only.</simpara>
<simpara>It provides a single, fixed, hardcoded lease to
any client that asks. There is no lease manager
implemented. If two clients request addresses, they will
both get the same fixed address.</simpara>
<simpara>Server does not support any configuration
mechanisms yet. The whole configuration is currently
hardcoded. The only way to tweak configuration is to
directly modify source code. See see <xref
linkend="dhcp4-config"/> for details.</simpara>
<simpara>Upon start, server will open sockets on all
interfaces that are not loopback, are up and running and
have IPv4 address. Support for multiple interfaces is not
coded in reception routines yet, so if you are running
this code on a machine that has many interfaces and
<command>b10-dhcp4</command> happens to listen on wrong
interface, the easiest way to is to down other
interfaces. This limitation will be fixed shortly.</simpara>
<simpara>PRL (Parameter Request List) is currently ignored
and server assigns DNS SERVER and DOMAIN NAME
<simpara><command>b10-dhcp4</command> does not support
BOOTP. That is a design choice. This limitation is
permanent. If have legacy nodes that can't use DHCP and
require BOOTP support, please use latest version of ISC DHCP
<ulink url=""/>.</simpara>
<simpara>Interface detection is currently working on Linux
only. See <xref linkend="iface-detect"/> for details.</simpara>
......@@ -1936,11 +1983,10 @@ const std::string HARDCODED_SERVER_ID = "";</screen>
for any kind of DHCP-related software.
<section id="iface-detect">
<title>Interface detection</title>
<para>Both DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 components share network
interface detection routines (see <xref
linkend="libdhcp++"/> for details). Interface detection is
interface detection routines. Interface detection is
currently only supported on Linux systems.</para>
<para>For non-linux systems, there is currently stub
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