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......@@ -866,13 +866,6 @@ corresponding values in the DHCP servers' "dhcp-ddns" configuration section.
are lost when the server shuts down.
TSIG Authentication (<ulink
url="">RFC 2845</ulink>)
is not supported yet.
</chapter> <!-- DHCP-DDNS Server -->
......@@ -102,6 +102,11 @@ $ <userinput>./configure [your extra parameters]</userinput></screen>
For more system specific installation procedures, you may want to visit
<ulink url="">System specific notes</ulink>,
available on <ulink url="">Kea homepage</ulink>.
<para>The details of <command>keactrl</command> script usage can be found
in <xref linkend="keactrl"/>.</para>
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