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[master] Added ChangeLog for #5330.

Also, removed extra white space in the previous entry.
parent 8041d177
1277. [func]* marcin
Added support to Command Manager to process commands using
callouts implemented within hooks libraries.
(Trac #5330, git 8041d177ed5587101ecb47a09820a7e67e42a066)
1276. [build] tmark
The configure script now configures the build to require the Boost
system library (boost_system) by default. The library must be
installed and you may need to specify "--with-boost-lib-dir=<path>".
installed and you may need to specify "--with-boost-lib-dir=<path>".
Prior to this the default was to attempt to build Boost with headers
only. Building with headers only may still be done, though it is
strongly discouraged, by specifying "--enable-boost-headers-only".
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