Commit 13e9ea2f authored by Coleen O'Brien's avatar Coleen O'Brien
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Updated which did not make it in in last commit - this

   references the stored default_user.csv file so lettuce tests run.
   Change reviewed by jreed in jabber.
parent 4665a8ff
......@@ -136,7 +136,8 @@ def run_bindctl(commands, cmdctl_port=None, ignore_failure=False):
if cmdctl_port is None:
cmdctl_port = 56175
args = ['bindctl', '-p', str(cmdctl_port)]
args = ['bindctl', '-p', str(cmdctl_port), '--csv-file-dir=configurations/' ]
bindctl = subprocess.Popen(args, 1, None, subprocess.PIPE,
subprocess.PIPE, None)
for line in commands:
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