Commit 13ef8a1a authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[1574b] used ::toupper instead of a helper functor object with transform().

g++ somehow seems to require it to compile with toupper.  updated comments
about it.
parent c653a1bd
......@@ -298,15 +298,6 @@ struct InMemoryZoneFinder::InMemoryZoneFinderImpl {
// A helper functor to convert the 1st NSEC3 label to all upper-cased
// characters. Note: technically there's a subtle issue when char
// is signed, but in practice the label should consist of all positive
// character values for a valid NSEC3 hash name (if it's invalid the
// resulting zone doesn't work correctly anyway).
struct ToUpper {
char operator()(char ch) { return (toupper(ch)); }
result::Result addRRsig(const ConstRRsetPtr sig_rrset, ZoneData& zone_data)
// Check consistency of the type covered.
......@@ -341,10 +332,17 @@ struct InMemoryZoneFinder::InMemoryZoneFinderImpl {
// In case of NSEC3 if something is found it must be NSEC3 RRset
// under the assumption of our current implementation.
if (zone_data.nsec3_data_) {
string fst_label = sig_rrset->getName().split(0, 1).
// Convert the first label to upper-cased text. Note that
// for a valid NSEC3 RR the label should only consist of
// positive 8-bit char values, so using toupper(int) should be
// safe (if it's a bogus label for NSEC3 the zone won't work
// anyway). Also note the '::' below: g++'s STL implementation
// seems to require it to toupper to make this compile.
string fst_label =
sig_rrset->getName().split(0, 1).toText(true);
transform(fst_label.begin(), fst_label.end(),
fst_label.begin(), ToUpper());
fst_label.begin(), ::toupper);
NSEC3Map::const_iterator found =
if (found != zone_data.nsec3_data_->map_.end()) {
......@@ -397,7 +395,7 @@ struct InMemoryZoneFinder::InMemoryZoneFinderImpl {
string fst_label = rrset->getName().split(0, 1).toText(true);
transform(fst_label.begin(), fst_label.end(), fst_label.begin(),
// Our current implementation doesn't allow an existing NSEC3 to be
// updated/overridden.
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