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[#78,!85] Updated HA/timeouts section in the User's Guide.

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network, lease database synchronization after the server failure
may be a time consuming operation. The synchronizing server needs
to gather all leases from the partner which yields a large response
over the RESTful interface. The time required for generating the
response and sending it to the synchronizing server may take from
several seconds to tens of seconds. The default timeout value for
such communication is set to 60 seconds. However, the server
administrator may need to extend this timeout if necessary. The
following configuration snippet demonstrates how to extend this
timeout to 90 seconds with the <command>sync-timeout</command>
over the RESTful interface. The server receives leases using
paging mechanism as described in <xref linkend="ha-syncing-page-limit"/>.
Before the page of leases is fetched, the synchronizing server
sends a <command>dhcp-disable</command> command to disable the DHCP
service on the partner server. If the service is already disabled, this
command will reset the timeout for the DHCP service being disabled.
This timeout value is by default set to 60 seconds. If fetching a
single page of leases takes longer, the partner server will assume that
the synchronizing server died and will resume its DHCP service.
The connection of the synchronizing server with its partner is also
guarded with the timeout. If the synchronization of a single page
of leases takes longer than 60 seconds the synchronizing server
terminates the connection and the synchronization fails.
Both timeout values are controlled by a single configuration
parameter <command>sync-timeout</command>. The following
configuration snippet deminstrates how to modify the timeout for
automatic re-enabling of the DHCP service on the partner server
and the timeout for fetching a single page of leases from 60 seconds
to 90 seconds:
"Dhcp4": {
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