Commit 19197b5b authored by zhanglikun's avatar zhanglikun
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[master] 1. Add changelog. 2. Add cache test data file EXTRA_DISTOF

parent fa64874f
188. [bug] zhang likun
Make the rrset trust level ranking algorithm used by
isc::cache::MessageEntry::getRRsetTrustLevel() follow RFC2181
section 5.4.1.
(Trac #595 git)
187. [bug] zhang likun
Fix the assert error in class isc::cache::RRsetCache by adding the
check for empty pointer and test case for it.
......@@ -64,3 +64,5 @@ EXTRA_DIST += testdata/message_fromWire3
EXTRA_DIST += testdata/message_fromWire4
EXTRA_DIST += testdata/message_fromWire5
EXTRA_DIST += testdata/message_fromWire6
EXTRA_DIST += testdata/message_fromWire7
EXTRA_DIST += testdata/message_fromWire8
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