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[5396] spelling

parent 73b10a1e
[submodule "premium"]
path = premium
url = ssh://
......@@ -2349,7 +2349,7 @@ applies to subnets within the network.
These commands are used to delete existing shared networks. Each
subnet within the network being removed will be demoted to a plain
network. If you want to competely remove the subnets, please use
network. If you want to completely remove the subnets, please use
<command>subnet4-del</command> or <command>subnet6-del</command>
commands. Both commands take exactly one parameter 'name' that
specifies the name of the network to be removed. An example invocation
premium @ 133a3165
Subproject commit 133a3165f244adb0ed50cc3a59e3e4a86f1e10bc
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