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[630-cb-can-be-used-to-remove-mandatory-global-parameters] Added ChangeLog...

[630-cb-can-be-used-to-remove-mandatory-global-parameters] Added ChangeLog entry for default values of external config globals
parent 237afd3c
1617. [bug] fdupont
During the application of the config backend the external config
is initialized to the default values so when a global parameter
is changed and deleted it gets back a sane value.
(Gitlab #630,!355, git 237afd3c512ed4d05ae76de76cce21dca643a889)
1616. [func] fdupont
Renamed kea-admin lease-init, lease-version and lease-upgrade
commands to db-init, db-version and db-upgrade. Only the lease-*
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