Commit 1d12582e authored by Francis Dupont's avatar Francis Dupont
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[master] Finished merge of (rebased) trac3770 (command line test config)

parent 30023d9a
1216. [func] fdupont, tomek
Command line option -t implementated for DHCPv4 and DHCPv6. It
allows configuration sanity checking. Note that not all parameters
are completely checked. In particular, service and control channel
sockets are not opened, and hook libraries are not loaded.
(Trac #3770, git xxx)
1215. [doc] tomek
Developer's Guide updated to cover flex/bison parser.
(Trac #5112, git 44139d821c1f4e43dbff22d49101a0854e4f9f5b)
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