Commit 1e0bad5c authored by Thomas Markwalder's avatar Thomas Markwalder

[master] Added ChangeLog entry 1476.

parent 09d5ffeb
1476. [func] tmark
Added initial implementation of congestion handling to kea-dhcp4
and kea-dhcpt6. This adds a new top level element to the server
configurations, "dhcp-queue-control". Both servers will now
read client packets from interface sockets in a separate thread
queueing them for server level processing. For Kea 1.5-Beta
this feature is always on.
(Gitlab #42, !103, git 09d5ffebc8f9bfab2ab99c384eec9c3a3c915f39)
1475. [func] sebschrader
Add authoritative feature for DHCPv4 from ISC DHCP: requests from
unknown clients are dropped (default/previous behavior) or
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