Commit 1f401fc1 authored by Thomas Markwalder's avatar Thomas Markwalder

[master] Added ChangeLog entry 1440 for Trac #5704

parent 90fe9ca2
1440. [func] tmark
The internal represenation of an "unused" subnet-id has been
changed from zero to 0xFFFFFFFF. The largest, valid value for
a subnet's ID is now 0xFFFFFFFE. Three new constants have been
added so subnet_id.h:
which should be used in code/hooks in place of hard-coded values.
(Trac #5704, git 90fe9ca2cd6f63bcc7168bdc3786677db57b65ec)
1439. [func] tomek
keactrl and kea-admin tools can now report version.
(gitlab #9, git 4a00ab5d4b9ac9193fc5f924149aeaca7a88e2ef)
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