Commit 2648c604 authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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worked around the buggy behavior of sunstudio about top-level consts

git-svn-id: svn:// e5f2f494-b856-4b98-b285-d166d9295462
parent 02882b7d
......@@ -110,7 +110,7 @@ typedef std::vector<std::vector<unsigned char> > BenchQueries;
/// is used for all queries.
/// \param strict If \c true, apply stricter validation on the query name and
/// query RR types; otherwise invalid inputs will be ignored.
void loadQueryData(const char* input_file, BenchQueries& queries,
void loadQueryData(const char* const input_file, BenchQueries& queries,
const isc::dns::RRClass& qclass, const bool strict = false);
/// \brief Load query %data from an input stream into a vector.
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