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be clear that past BIND 10 sponsors were in the past

and not current.

Also mention ISC is the maintainer.
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......@@ -74,17 +74,21 @@
<chapter id="acknowledgements">
<para>Kea is primarily designed, developed, and maintained by
Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. It is an open source project
and contributions are welcomed.</para>
<para>Support for the development of the DHCPv4, DHCPv6 and
DHCP-DDNS components was provided by
<ulink url="">Comcast</ulink>.</para>
<para>Kea was initially implemented as a collection of applications
within the BIND 10 framework. Hence, Kea development would not be
possible without the generous support of BIND 10 project sponsors.</para>
possible without the generous support of past BIND 10 project sponsors.</para>
<para><ulink url="">JPRS</ulink> and
<ulink url="">CIRA</ulink> are Patron Level
<ulink url="">CIRA</ulink> were Patron Level
BIND 10 sponsors.</para>
<para><ulink url="">AFNIC</ulink>,
<ulink url="">CNNIC</ulink>,
......@@ -95,15 +99,13 @@
<ulink url=""></ulink>,
<ulink url="">.nz Registry Services</ulink>, and
<ulink url="">Technical Center of Internet</ulink>
are current sponsors.</para>
were past BIND 10 sponsors.</para>
<para><ulink url="">Afilias</ulink>,
<ulink url="">IIS.SE</ulink>,
<ulink url="">Nominet</ulink>, and
<ulink url="">SIDN</ulink> were founding
sponsors of the project.</para>
<!-- DHCP sponsorship by Comcast -->
sponsors of the BIND 10 project.</para>
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