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[3548] Rebase fix

parent 3a25cf88
......@@ -37,61 +37,6 @@ namespace dhcp {
/// @note This is abstract class. Please instantiate derived classes
/// such as @c Pkt4 or @c Pkt6.
class Pkt {
<<<<<<< HEAD
/// @defgroup hw_sources Specifies where a given MAC/hardware address was
/// obtained.
/// @brief The list covers all possible MAC/hw address sources.
/// @note The uncommented ones are currently supported. When you implement
/// a new method, please uncomment appropriate line here.
/// @{
/// Not really a type, only used in getMAC() calls.
static const uint32_t HWADDR_SOURCE_ANY = 0xffff;
/// Used when actual origin is not known, e.g. when reading from a
/// lease database that didn't store that information.
static const uint32_t HWADDR_SOURCE_UNKNOWN = 0x0000;
/// Obtained first hand from raw socket (100% reliable).
static const uint32_t HWADDR_SOURCE_RAW = 0x0001;
/// Extracted from DUID-LL or DUID-LLT (not 100% reliable as the client
/// can send fake DUID).
static const uint32_t HWADDR_SOURCE_DUID = 0x0002;
/// Extracted from IPv6 link-local address. Not 100% reliable, as the
/// client can use different IID other than EUI-64, e.g. Windows supports
/// RFC4941 and uses random values instead of EUI-64.
static const uint32_t HWADDR_SOURCE_IPV6_LINK_LOCAL = 0x0004;
/// Get it from RFC6939 option. (A relay agent can insert client link layer
/// address option). Note that a skilled attacker can fake that by sending
/// his request relayed, so the legitimate relay will think it's a second
/// relay.
static const uint32_t HWADDR_SOURCE_CLIENT_ADDR_RELAY_OPTION = 0x0008;
/// A relay can insert remote-id. In some deployments it contains a MAC
/// address (RFC4649).
//static const uint32_t HWADDR_SOURCE_REMOTE_ID = 0x0010;
/// A relay can insert a subscriber-id option. In some deployments it
/// contains a MAC address (RFC4580).
//static const uint32_t HWADDR_SOURCE_SUBSCRIBER_ID = 0x0020;
/// A CMTS (acting as DHCP relay agent) that supports DOCSIS standard
/// can insert DOCSIS options that contain client's MAC address.
/// Client in this context would be a cable modem.
//static const uint32_t HWADDR_SOURCE_DOCSIS_OPTIONS = 0x0040;
/// @}
>>>>>>> [3548] Patch as provided by Adam Kalmus
/// @brief Constructor.
......@@ -422,7 +422,7 @@ protected:
/// @return always NULL
virtual HWAddrPtr getMACFromDUID(){
return (HWAddrPtr());
return (HWAddrPtr());
/// local HW address (dst if receiving packet, src if sending packet)
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