Commit 28c50de2 authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[trac871] removed an assertion on arcount after inserting TSIG on further

thought with review comment.  update the code comment accordingly.
in fact overflow could (probably) happen if the caller of toWire() tries to
render to many RRsets with an invalidly large buffer size limit.  also,
the risk of overflow is not specific to this case; it can happen after
inserting ordinary RRs.  So if we want to care about such cases we should
rather cover all of them than making a TSIG specifici check.  For now,
I don't bother to check such stupid attempt of the caller.  It would simply
result in bogus wire data and wouldn't make a program crash or something.
parent 297955d6
......@@ -309,10 +309,9 @@ MessageImpl::toWire(AbstractMessageRenderer& renderer, TSIGContext* tsig_ctx) {
tsig_ctx->sign(qid_, renderer.getData(),
// update the ARCOUNT for the TSIG RR
assert(arcount != 0); // this should never happen for a sane message
renderer.writeUint16At(arcount, header_pos);
// update the ARCOUNT for the TSIG RR. Note that for a sane DNS
// message arcount should never overflow to 0.
renderer.writeUint16At(++arcount, header_pos);
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