Commit 2a66c9b1 authored by Tomek Mrugalski's avatar Tomek Mrugalski 🛰 Committed by Michal Nowikowski

[#372,!181] Added many missing comments

parent de1f747f
......@@ -114,16 +114,19 @@ log = logging.getLogger()
def red(txt):
"""Return colorized (if the terminal supports it) or plain text"""
if sys.stdout.isatty():
return '\033[1;31m%s\033[0;0m' % txt
return txt
def green(txt):
"""Return colorized (if the terminal supports it) or plain text"""
if sys.stdout.isatty():
return '\033[0;32m%s\033[0;0m' % txt
return txt
def blue(txt):
"""Return colorized (if the terminal supports it) or plain text"""
if sys.stdout.isatty():
return '\033[0;34m%s\033[0;0m' % txt
return txt
......@@ -148,6 +151,7 @@ def get_system_revision():
class ExecutionError(Exception):
"""Exception thrown when execution encountered an error."""
......@@ -237,6 +241,14 @@ def execute(cmd, timeout=60, cwd=None, env=None, raise_error=True, dry_run=False
def install_pkgs(pkgs, timeout=60, env=None, check_times=False):
"""Installs native packages in a system.
:param dict pkgs: specifies a list of packages to be installed
:param int timeout: timeout in number of seconds, after that time the command
is terminated but only if check_times is True
:param dict env: dictionary with environment variables (optional)
:param bool check_times: specifies if timeouts should be enabled (optional)
system, revision = get_system_revision()
if system in ['centos', 'rhel'] and revision == '7':
......@@ -439,10 +451,12 @@ class VagrantEnv(object):
return total, passed
def destroy(self):
"""Removes the VM completely."""
cmd = 'vagrant destroy --force'
execute(cmd, cwd=self.vagrant_dir, timeout=3 * 60, dry_run=self.dry_run) # timeout: 3 minutes
def ssh(self):
"""Open interactive session to the VM."""
execute('vagrant ssh', cwd=self.vagrant_dir, timeout=None, dry_run=self.dry_run, interactive=True)
def dump_ssh_config(self):
......@@ -512,6 +526,7 @@ class VagrantEnv(object):
def _install_gtest_sources():
"""Install gtest sources."""
# download gtest sources only if it is not present as native package
if not os.path.exists('/usr/src/googletest-release-1.8.0/googletest'):
execute('wget --no-verbose -O /tmp/gtest.tar.gz')
......@@ -520,6 +535,7 @@ def _install_gtest_sources():
def _configure_mysql(system, revision, features):
"""Configures MySQL database."""
if system in ['fedora', 'centos']:
execute('sudo systemctl enable mariadb.service')
execute('sudo systemctl start mariadb.service')
......@@ -601,6 +617,7 @@ def _configure_pgsql(system, features):
def _install_cassandra_deb(env, check_times):
"""Installs Cassandra and cpp-driver using DEB package."""
if not os.path.exists('/usr/sbin/cassandra'):
execute('echo "deb 311x main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/cassandra.sources.list',
env=env, check_times=check_times)
......@@ -618,6 +635,7 @@ def _install_cassandra_deb(env, check_times):
def _install_freeradius_client(env, check_times):
"""Install FreeRADIUS-client with necessary patches from Francis Dupont."""
execute('rm -rf freeradius-client')
execute('git clone', env=env, check_times=check_times)
execute('git checkout iscdev', cwd='freeradius-client', env=env, check_times=check_times)
......@@ -629,6 +647,7 @@ def _install_freeradius_client(env, check_times):
def _install_cassandra_rpm(system, env, check_times):
"""Installs Cassandra and cpp-driver using RPM package."""
if not os.path.exists('/usr/bin/cassandra'):
#execute('sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo')
#execute('sudo rpm --import')
......@@ -869,6 +888,7 @@ def prepare_system_in_vagrant(provider, system, sys_revision, features, dry_run,
def _calculate_build_timeout(features):
"""Returns maximum allowed time for build (in seconds)"""
timeout = 60
if 'mysql' in features:
timeout += 60
......@@ -995,6 +1015,7 @@ def _build_just_binaries(distro, revision, features, tarball_path, env, check_ti
def _build_native_pkg(distro, features, tarball_path, env, check_times, dry_run):
"""Builds native (RPM or DEB) packages."""
if distro in ['fedora', 'centos', 'rhel']:
# prepare RPM environment
execute('rm -rf rpm-root', dry_run=dry_run)
......@@ -1271,6 +1292,7 @@ def parse_args():
def list_supported_systems():
"""Lists systems hammer can support (with supported providers)"""
for system, revisions in SYSTEMS.items():
print('%s:' % system)
for r in revisions:
......@@ -1284,6 +1306,7 @@ def list_supported_systems():
def list_created_systems():
"""List VMs that are created on this host by hammer"""
_, output = execute('vagrant global-status', quiet=True, capture=True)
systems = []
for line in output.splitlines():
......@@ -1319,6 +1342,7 @@ def _what_features(args):
def _print_summary(results, features):
"""Prints summart of build times and unit-test results"""
print("+===== Hammer Summary ====================================================+")
print("| provider | system | revision | duration | status | unit tests |")
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