Commit 2b807f5d authored by plyul's avatar plyul
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Fixed one symbol typo

parent 51fd66d3
......@@ -1000,7 +1000,7 @@ Subnet6ConfigParser::initSubnet(data::ConstElementPtr params,
<< ", rapid-commit is " << (rapid_commit ? "enabled" : "disabled");
LOG_INFO(dhcpsrv_logger, DHCPSRV_CFGMGR_NEW_SUBNET4).arg(output.str());
LOG_INFO(dhcpsrv_logger, DHCPSRV_CFGMGR_NEW_SUBNET6).arg(output.str());
// Create a new subnet.
Subnet6* subnet6 = new Subnet6(addr, len, t1, t2, pref, valid,
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