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[5530a] Documentation for dhcp6_srv_configured added.

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......@@ -46,6 +46,23 @@ packet processing, but the exact order depends on the actual processing. Hook po
that are not specific to packet processing (e.g. lease expiration) will be added
to the end of this list.
@subsection dhcp6HooksDhcpv4SrvConfigured dhcp6_srv_configured
- @b Arguments:
- name: @b io_context, type: isc::asiolink::IOServicePtr, direction: <b>in</b>
- name: @b json_config, type: isc::data::ConstElementPtr, direction: <b>in</b>
- name: @b server_config, type: isc::dhcp::SrvConfigPtr, direction: <b>in</b>
- @b Description: this callout is executed when the server has completed
its (re)configuration. The server provides received and parsed configuration
structures to the hook library. It also provides a pointer to the IOService
object which is used by the server to run asynchronous operations. The hooks
libraries can use this IOService object to schedule asynchronous tasks which
are triggered by the DHCP server's main loop. The hook library should hold the
provided pointer until the library is unloaded.
- <b>Next step status</b>: Status codes retured by the callouts installed on
this hook point are ignored.
@subsection dhcpv6HooksBuffer6Receive buffer6_receive
- @b Arguments:
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