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    doc/devel/unit-tests.dox - added
    discussion of the env var.
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......@@ -44,6 +44,20 @@ The following environment variable can affect the unit tests:
under /tmp folder. KEA_SOCKET_TEST_DIR can be specified to instruct
unit-tests to use a different directory. It must not end with slash.
- KEA_TEST_DB_WIPE_DATA_ONLY - Unit tests which use a Kea unit test
database take steps to ensure they are starting with an empty database
of the correct schema version. The first step taken is to simply
delete the transient data (such as leases, reservations, etc..), provided
the schema exists and is the expected version. If the schema does not
exist, is not the expected version, or for some reason the data wipe fails,
the schema will be dropped and recreated. Setting this value to "false"
will cause the test setup logic to always drop and create the database
schema. The default value is "true".
(Currently, this is only supported by MySQL and CQL).
@note Setting KEA_TEST_DB_WIPE_DATA_ONLY to false may dramatically
increase the time it takes each unit test to execute.
@section unitTestsDatabaseConfig Databases Configuration for Unit Tests
With the use of databases requiring separate authorisation, there are
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