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[3688] Added description of the hostname reservations in the kea guide.

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......@@ -2124,10 +2124,22 @@ temporarily override a list of interface names and listen on all interfaces.
<section id="reservation4-hostname">
<title>Reserving a hostname</title>
<!-- @todo: replace this with the actual text once #3688 is implemented -->
<para>Reserving a hostname is currently not supported. It is possible
to specify that information in the configuration file, but that data
is not used by the server engine yet.</para>
<para>When the reservation for the client includes the <command>hostname
</command>, the server will assign this hostname to the client and send
it back in the Client FQDN or Hostname option, depending on which of them
the client has sent to the server. The reserved hostname always takes
precedence over the hostname supplied by the client or the autogenerated
(from the IPv4 address) hostname. If the reservation for the hostname is
specified the server ignores the <command>qualifying-suffix</command>
parameter and treats the value specified in the reservation as a fully
qualified name.</para>
<para>Future Kea versions may provide additional configuration
parameters to specify whether the reserved hostname is a fully qualified
name or the suffix should be appended.
<section id="reservation4-options">
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