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[2133] Document the old way

Which is still used in some places.
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......@@ -1616,6 +1616,22 @@ can use various data source backends.
as above.
There's also <varname>Auth/database_file</varname> configuration
variable, pointing to a sqlite3 database file. This is no longer
used by <command>b10-auth</command>, but it is left in place for
now, since other modules use it. Once <command>b10-xfrin</command>,
<command>b10-xfrout</command> and <command>b10-ddns</command>
are ported to the new configuration, this will disappear. But for
now, make sure that if you use any of these modules, the new
and old configuration correspond. The defaults are consistent, so
unless you tweaked either the new or the old configuration, you're
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