Commit 34122093 authored by Francis Dupont's avatar Francis Dupont
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[5227] Updated overrideStdOptionDef test

parent bb0206cb
......@@ -211,10 +211,8 @@ TEST(CfgOptionDefTest, overrideStdOptionDef) {
def.reset(new OptionDefinition("routers", DHO_ROUTERS, "uint32"));
EXPECT_THROW(cfg.add(def, DHCP4_OPTION_SPACE), isc::BadValue);
/// There is no definition for the Access Network Domain Name Option
/// (RFC5986, option code 213) in libdhcp++. Once it is implemented it
/// should be not allowed to add a custom definition for it.
def.reset(new OptionDefinition("access-network-domain-name", 213, "string"));
/// There is no definition for unassigned option 170.
def.reset(new OptionDefinition("unassigned-option-170", 170, "string"));
// It is not allowed to override the definition of the option which
......@@ -222,9 +220,9 @@ TEST(CfgOptionDefTest, overrideStdOptionDef) {
def.reset(new OptionDefinition("sntp-servers", D6O_SNTP_SERVERS,
EXPECT_THROW(cfg.add(def, DHCP6_OPTION_SPACE), isc::BadValue);
// There is no definition for option 63 in libdhcp++ yet, so it should
// There is no definition for option 163 in libdhcp++ yet, so it should
// be possible provide a custom definition.
def.reset(new OptionDefinition("geolocation", 63, "uint32"));
def.reset(new OptionDefinition("geolocation", 163, "uint32"));
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