Commit 34dbbd16 authored by zhanglikun's avatar zhanglikun
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[master] Fix the error in comments of AD and CD flags, reviewed by Jelte on jabber.

parent f1bb311e
......@@ -199,8 +199,8 @@ public:
HEADERFLAG_TC = 0x0200, ///< Truncation
HEADERFLAG_RD = 0x0100, ///< Recursion desired
HEADERFLAG_RA = 0x0080, ///< Recursion available
HEADERFLAG_AD = 0x0020, ///< DNSSEC checking disabled (RFC4035)
HEADERFLAG_CD = 0x0010 ///< Authentic %data (RFC4035)
HEADERFLAG_AD = 0x0020, ///< Authentic %data (RFC4035)
HEADERFLAG_CD = 0x0010 ///< DNSSEC checking disabled (RFC4035)
/// \brief Constants to specify sections of a DNS message.
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