Commit 353c0857 authored by chenzhengzhang's avatar chenzhengzhang
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[trac1153] update variable names to help understand

parent ec8fed8c
......@@ -207,16 +207,16 @@ class ZonemgrRefresh:
if zone_soa is None:
logger.warn(ZONEMGR_NO_SOA, zone_name_class[0], zone_name_class[1])
zone_info["zone_soa_rdata"] = None
zone_reload_jitter = 0
zone_reload_time = 0.0
zone_info["zone_soa_rdata"] = zone_soa[7]
zone_reload_jitter = float(zone_soa[7].split(" ")[RETRY_OFFSET])
zone_reload_time = float(zone_soa[7].split(" ")[RETRY_OFFSET])
zone_info["zone_state"] = ZONE_OK
zone_info["last_refresh_time"] = self._get_current_time()
self._zonemgr_refresh_info[zone_name_class] = zone_info
# Imposes some random jitters to avoid many zones need to do refresh at the same time.
zone_reload_jitter = max(self._lowerbound_retry, zone_reload_jitter)
self._set_zone_timer(zone_name_class, zone_reload_jitter, self._reload_jitter * zone_reload_jitter)
zone_reload_time = max(self._lowerbound_retry, zone_reload_time)
self._set_zone_timer(zone_name_class, zone_reload_time, self._reload_jitter * zone_reload_time)
def _zone_is_expired(self, zone_name_class):
"""Judge whether a zone is expired or not."""
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