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[master] Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

parents e40b70f8 4ba32d6f
929 [build] fdupont
Corrected problem in build system whereby specifying an
installation directory on the "configure" command line that
included a "+" in the name caused the build to fail.
(Trac #3713, git 741ff09b743307bad28ae13db440e5e0f402d319)
928. [build] fdupont
A CONFIG_H_WAS_INCLUDED define has been added to provide
a way in source files to check whether config.h has been included.
......@@ -44,6 +44,20 @@ fi
# This will be either "tarball" or "git abcd".
# Find a separator for path_replacer
for sep in "+" "," ";" "&" "__NONE__"; do
if `pwd | grep -q $sep`; then continue; fi
if `echo ${prefix} | grep -q $sep`; then continue; fi
if `echo ${sysconfdir} | grep -q $sep`; then continue; fi
if `echo ${localstatedir} | grep -q $sep`; then continue; fi
if test "$sep" = "__NONE__"; then
AC_MSG_ERROR([can't find a separator character in '+,;&' for the path_replacer shell script])
# Enable low-performing debugging facilities? This option optionally
# enables some debugging aids that perform slowly and hence aren't built
# by default.
......@@ -35,4 +35,4 @@ echo "Replacing \@localstatedir\@ with ${localstatedir}"
echo "Input file: $1"
echo "Output file: $2"
sed -e "s+\@localstatedir\@+${localstatedir}+g; s+\@prefix@+${prefix}+g; s+\@sysconfdir@+${sysconfdir}+g" $1 > $2
sed -e "s@SEP@\@localstatedir\@@SEP@${localstatedir}@SEP@g; s@SEP@\@prefix@@SEP@${prefix}@SEP@g; s@SEP@\@sysconfdir@@SEP@${sysconfdir}@SEP@g" $1 > $2
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