Commit 3a4e135e authored by chenzhengzhang's avatar chenzhengzhang
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[trac588] add unittest for 'EOF' case

parent a7248392
......@@ -311,6 +311,16 @@ class TestConfigCommands(unittest.TestCase):
self.tool.config_data = FakeCCSession()
self.stdout_backup = sys.stdout
def test_precmd(self):
def update_all_modules_info():
raise socket.error
def precmd(line):
self.tool._update_all_modules_info = update_all_modules_info
# If line is equals to 'EOF', _update_all_modules_info() shouldn't be called
self.assertRaises(None, precmd('EOF'))
self.assertRaises(socket.error, precmd, 'continue')
def test_run(self):
def login_to_cmdctl():
return True
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