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[2414] Allocation process is now logged properly.

parent 3d7a6b9c
......@@ -30,6 +30,11 @@ from the BIND 10 control system by the IPv6 DHCP server.
A debug message indicating that the IPv6 DHCP server has received an
updated configuration from the BIND 10 configuration system.
% DHCP6_DB_BACKEND_STARTED Lease database started (backend type: %1)
This informational message is printed every time DHCPv6 is started.
It indicates which backend type will be used throughout the server
% DHCP6_NOT_RUNNING IPv6 DHCP server is not running
A warning message is issued when an attempt is made to shut down the
IPv6 DHCP server but it is not running.
......@@ -42,6 +47,17 @@ interfaces and is therefore shutting down.
A debug message issued during startup, this indicates that the IPv6 DHCP
server is about to open sockets on the specified port.
% DHCP6_LEASE_ALLOC Lease %1 %2 allocated (client duid=%3, iaid=%4)
This debug message indicates that the server successfully advertised (i.e.
responded to SOLICIT) or granted (i.e. responded to REQUEST) a lease.
This is a normal behavior and incicates successful operation.
% DHCP6_LEASE_ALLOC_FAIL Failed to %1 a lease for client duid=%2, iaid=%3
This message indicates that the server failed to advertise (i.e. respond
to SOLICIT) or grant (i.e. respond to REQUEST) a lease for a given client.
There may be many reasons for such failure. Each specific failure is logged
in a separate log entry.
% DHCP6_PACKET_PARSE_FAIL failed to parse incoming packet
The IPv6 DHCP server has received a packet that it is unable to interpret.
......@@ -66,6 +82,11 @@ This error is output if the server failed to assemble the data to be
returned to the client into a valid packet. The reason is most likely
to be to a programming error: please raise a bug report.
% DHCP6_PROCESS_IA_NA_REQUEST Server is processing IA_NA option (duid=%1, iaid=%2, hint=%3)
This is a debug message that indicates a processing of received IA_NA
option. It may optionally contain an address that may be used by the server
as a hint for possible requested address.
% DHCP6_QUERY_DATA received packet length %1, data length %2, data is %3
A debug message listing the data received from the client or relay.
......@@ -110,6 +131,17 @@ This is a debug message issued during the IPv6 DHCP server startup.
It lists some information about the parameters with which the server
is running.
% DHCP6_SUBNET_SELECTED The %s subnet was selected for client assignment
This is a debug message informing that a given subnet was selected. It will
be used for address and option assignment. This is one of the early steps
in the processing of incoming client message.
% DHCP6_SUBNET_SELECTION_FAILED Failed to select a subnet for incoming packet, src=%1 type=%2
This is a warning message that a packet was received, but the server is
not configured to support the subnet the packet originated from. This
message means that the received traffic does not match server configuration
and is likely a configuration issue.
% DHCP6_CONFIG_LOAD_FAIL failed to load configuration: %1
This critical error message indicates that the initial DHCPv6
configuration has failed. The server will start, but nothing will be
......@@ -79,6 +79,9 @@ Dhcpv6Srv::Dhcpv6Srv(uint16_t port) {
// @todo: Replace this with MySQL_LeaseMgr once it is merged
new isc::dhcp::test::Memfile_LeaseMgr("");
// Instantiate allocation engine
alloc_engine_ = new AllocEngine(AllocEngine::ALLOC_ITERATIVE, 100);
......@@ -330,9 +333,12 @@ void Dhcpv6Srv::assignLeases(const Pkt6Ptr& question, Pkt6Ptr& answer) {
Subnet6Ptr subnet = selectSubnet(question);
if (subnet) {
cout << "#### Selected subnet " << subnet->toText() << endl;
} else {
cout << "#### Failed to select a subnet" << endl;
// perhaps this should be logged on some higher level? This is most likely
// configuration bug.
// @todo: We should implement Option6Duid some day, but we can do without it
......@@ -342,11 +348,6 @@ void Dhcpv6Srv::assignLeases(const Pkt6Ptr& question, Pkt6Ptr& answer) {
if (opt_duid) {
duid = DuidPtr(new DUID(opt_duid->getData()));
if (duid) {
cout << "#### Processing request from client with duid=" << duid->toText() << endl;
} else {
cout << "#### Failed to find client-id :(" << endl;
for (Option::OptionCollection::iterator opt = question->options_.begin();
opt != question->options_.end(); ++opt) {
......@@ -375,16 +376,15 @@ OptionPtr Dhcpv6Srv::handleIA_NA(const Subnet6Ptr& subnet, const DuidPtr& duid,
shared_ptr<Option6IAAddr> hintOpt = dynamic_pointer_cast<Option6IAAddr>(ia->getOption(D6O_IAADDR));
IOAddress hint("::");
cout << "#### Processing request IA_NA: iaid=" << ia->getIAID();
if (hintOpt) {
hint = hintOpt->getAddress();
cout << ", hint=" << hint.toText() << endl;
} else {
cout << ", no hint provided" << endl;
.arg(hintOpt?hint.toText():"(no hint)");
bool fake_allocation = false;
if (question->getType() == DHCPV6_SOLICIT) {
/// @todo: Check if we support rapid commit
......@@ -397,7 +397,11 @@ OptionPtr Dhcpv6Srv::handleIA_NA(const Subnet6Ptr& subnet, const DuidPtr& duid,
boost::shared_ptr<Option6IA> ia_rsp(new Option6IA(D6O_IA_NA, ia->getIAID()));
if (lease) {
cout << "#### Allocated lease:" << lease->addr_.toText() << endl;
.arg(fake_allocation?"would be":"has been")
......@@ -409,7 +413,11 @@ OptionPtr Dhcpv6Srv::handleIA_NA(const Subnet6Ptr& subnet, const DuidPtr& duid,
} else {
cout << "#### Failed to allocate a lease";
ia_rsp->addOption(createStatusCode(STATUS_NoAddrsAvail, "Sorry, no address could be allocated."));
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