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[master] add changelog entry for #1246

and fix category of an earlier entry i made
parent 1d43b46a
304. [bug] jelte
The test script now no longer runs processes from
an installed version of BIND 10, but will correctly use the
build tree paths.
(Trac #1246, git 1d43b46ab58077daaaf5cae3c6aa3e0eb76eb5d8)
303. [bug] jinmei
Changed the installation path for the UNIX domain file used
for the communication between b10-auth and b10-xfrout to a
......@@ -7,7 +13,7 @@
if the old file somehow remains, it can now be safely removed.
(Trac #869, git 96e22f4284307b1d5f15e03837559711bb4f580c)
302. [defect] jelte
302. [bug] jelte
msgq no longer crashes if the remote end is closed while msgq
tries to send data. It will now simply drop the message and close
the connection itself.
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