Commit 3ddfc47f authored by Francis Dupont's avatar Francis Dupont
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[master] Initialized more variables in D2ClientConfigParser::parse

parent 735968a1
......@@ -254,7 +254,7 @@ private:
/// @brief IP port on which the client should send
size_t sender_port_;
/// @brief Maxium number of NCRs allowed to queue waiting to send
/// @brief Maximum number of NCRs allowed to queue waiting to send
size_t max_queue_size_;
/// @brief The socket protocol to use with kea-dhcp-ddns.
......@@ -1315,17 +1315,18 @@ D2ClientConfigParser::parse(isc::data::ConstElementPtr client_config) {
std::string qualifying_suffix;
bool found_qualifying_suffix = false;
IOAddress server_ip(0);
uint32_t server_port;
uint32_t server_port = 0;
std::string sender_ip_str;
uint32_t sender_port;
uint32_t max_queue_size;
uint32_t max_queue_size = 1024;
dhcp_ddns::NameChangeProtocol ncr_protocol;
dhcp_ddns::NameChangeFormat ncr_format;
bool always_include_fqdn;
bool always_include_fqdn = false;
bool allow_client_update;
bool override_no_update;
bool override_client_update;
D2ClientConfig::ReplaceClientNameMode replace_client_name_mode;
bool override_no_update = false;
bool override_client_update = false;
D2ClientConfig::ReplaceClientNameMode replace_client_name_mode =
std::string generated_prefix;
BOOST_FOREACH(ConfigPair param, client_config->mapValue()) {
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