Commit 40870d71 authored by Jeremy C. Reed's avatar Jeremy C. Reed
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[master] add entries for b10-host rename and for manual page.

parent d8468516
229. [doc] jreed
Add manual page for b10-host.
(git a437d4e26b81bb07181ff35a625c540703eee845)
228. [func]* jreed
The host tool is renamed to b10-host. While the utility is
a work in progress, it is expected to now be shipped with
tarballs. Its initial goal was to be a host(1) clone,
rewritten in C++ from scratch and using BIND 10's libdns++.
It now supports the -a (any), -c class, -d (verbose) switches
and has improved output.
(Trac #872, git d846851699d5c76937533adf9ff9d948dfd593ca)
227. [build] jreed
Add missing libdns++ rdata files for the distribution (this
fixes distcheck error). Change three generated libdns++
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