Commit 40cd22fc authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[1165] recover the strong exception guarantee in update_config_data()

(I first thought it could be deferred, but since the exception can happen
just due to incorrect config input, it should be guaranteed from the

Also made sure that both the default ACL and zone config are changed
atomically under the protection of lock.
parent ed8d6861
......@@ -431,6 +431,8 @@ class UnixSockServer(socketserver_mixin.NoPollMixIn,
'''Initialization shared with the mock server class used for tests'''
self._lock = threading.Lock()
self._transfers_counter = 0
self._zone_config = {}
self._acl = None # this will be initialized in update_config_data()
def _receive_query_message(self, sock):
''' receive request message from sock'''
......@@ -536,10 +538,13 @@ class UnixSockServer(socketserver_mixin.NoPollMixIn,
This method creates a XfroutSession object.
acl = self._acl
zone_config = self._zone_config
self.RequestHandlerClass(sock_fd, request_data, self,
self._guess_remote(sock_fd), self._acl,
self._guess_remote(sock_fd), acl, zone_config)
def _remove_unused_sock_file(self, sock_file):
'''Try to remove the socket file. If the file is being used
......@@ -583,24 +588,30 @@ class UnixSockServer(socketserver_mixin.NoPollMixIn,
def update_config_data(self, new_config):
'''Apply the new config setting of xfrout module.
Note: this method does not provide strong exception guarantee;
if an exception is raised in the middle of parsing and building the
given config data, the incomplete set of new configuration will
remain. This should be fixed.
new_acl = self._acl
if 'transfer_acl' in new_config:
self._acl = REQUEST_LOADER.load(new_config['transfer_acl'])
new_acl = REQUEST_LOADER.load(new_config['transfer_acl'])
except LoaderError as e:
raise XfroutConfigError('Failed to parse transfer_acl: ' +
zone_config = new_config.get('zone_config')
if zone_config is not None:
self._zone_config = self.__create_zone_config(zone_config)
new_zone_config = self._zone_config
zconfig_data = new_config.get('zone_config')
if zconfig_data is not None:
new_zone_config = self.__create_zone_config(zconfig_data)
self._acl = new_acl
self._zone_config = new_zone_config
self._max_transfers_out = new_config.get('transfers_out')
except Exception as e:
raise e
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