Commit 4220ef5a authored by Michal 'vorner' Vaner's avatar Michal 'vorner' Vaner
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[1429] More thorough test

parent 56be59fb
......@@ -430,12 +430,12 @@ class TestBoB(unittest.TestCase):
self.assertEqual(bob.command_handler("__UNKNOWN__", None),
isc.config.ccsession.create_answer(1, "Unknown command"))
# Fake the _get_socket, which is complicated and tested elsewhere
# We just want to pass the parameters in and let it create a response
def get_socket(args):
return isc.config.ccsession.create_answer(0, args)
bob._get_socket = get_socket
# Fake the get_token of cache and test the command works
bob._socket_path = '/socket/path'
class cache:
def get_token(self, protocol, addr, port, share_mode, share_name):
return str(addr) + ':' + str(port)
bob._socket_cache = cache()
args = {
"port": 53,
"address": "",
......@@ -443,10 +443,9 @@ class TestBoB(unittest.TestCase):
"share_mode": "ANY",
"share_name": "app"
# Test it just returns whatever it got. The real function doesn't
# work like this, but we don't want the command_handler to touch it
# at all and this is the easiest way to check.
self.assertEqual({'result': [0, args]},
self.assertEqual({'result': [0, {'token': '',
'path': '/socket/path'}]},
bob.command_handler("get_socket", args))
# The drop_socket is not tested here, but in TestCacheCommands.
# It needs the cache mocks to be in place and they are there.
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