Commit 42b7d6a5 authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[1570] updated the description comment for dsBelowDelegation so it describes

the point of the test more accurately.
parent b82c7851
...@@ -1729,10 +1729,9 @@ TEST_F(QueryTest, dsAboveDelegation) { ...@@ -1729,10 +1729,9 @@ TEST_F(QueryTest, dsAboveDelegation) {
ns_addrs_and_sig_txt.c_str()); ns_addrs_and_sig_txt.c_str());
} }
// This one checks a DS record at the apex is not returned, as it is // This one checks that type-DS query results in a "no data" response
// authoritative above the delegation and does not exist below it, // when it happens to be sent to the child zone, as described in RFC 4035,
// as described in RFC 4035, section The example is inspired by the // section The example is inspired by the B.8. example from the RFC.
// B.8. example from the RFC.
TEST_F(QueryTest, dsBelowDelegation) { TEST_F(QueryTest, dsBelowDelegation) {
EXPECT_NO_THROW(Query(memory_client, Name(""), EXPECT_NO_THROW(Query(memory_client, Name(""),
RRType::DS(), response, true).process()); RRType::DS(), response, true).process());
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