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[master] ChangeLog, AUTHORS updated after github #39 merge.

parent 9b6705bd
......@@ -135,6 +135,7 @@ We have received the following contributions:
2018-01: Host reservations for Cassandra
2018-01: Uniform compilation
2018-01: Various changes (github 54,43)
2018-02: Documentation upgraded to DocBook 5.0
- Vincent Legout
2016-11: Fixed serveral spelling mistakes
1354. [doc] andreipavelQ
Documentation has been upgraded to DocBook 5.0.
(github #39, git 9b6705bd6c534128ec18820ff0cbdd72b7fce9e9)
1353. [func] tomek
Lightweight 4over6 options reinstantiated. Definitions for DHCPv6
options 89 through 96 were added back. DHCPv4 v4 Parameters Option
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