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[master] added changelog for #1858

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494. [bug] jinmei
Fixed a problem that shutting down BIND 10 kept some of the
processes alive. It was two-fold: when the main bind10 process
started as a root, started b10-sockcreator with the privilege, and
then dropped the privilege, the bind10 process cannot kill the
sockcreator via signal any more (when it has to), but it kept
sending the signal and didn't stop. Also, when running on Python
3.1 (or older), the sockcreator had some additional file
descriptor open, which prevented it from exiting even after the
bind10 process terminated. Now the bind10 process simply gives up
killing a subprocess if it fails due to lack of permission, and it
makes sure the socket creator is spawned without any unnecessary
FDs open.
(Trac #1858, git 405d85c8a0042ba807a3a123611ff383c4081ee1)
493. [build] jinmei
Fixed build failure with newer versions of clang++. These
versions are stricter regarding "unused variable" and "unused
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