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ModuleCCSession is now a subclass of ConfigData

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......@@ -117,11 +117,9 @@ class BoB:
errors = []
if self.ccs.get_module_spec().validate(False, new_config, errors):
print("[XX] new config validated")
answer = isc.config.ccsession.create_answer(0)
print("[XX] new config validation failure")
if len(errors) > 0:
answer = isc.config.ccsession.create_answer(1, " ".join(errors))
......@@ -21,9 +21,9 @@
# modeled after ccsession.h/cc 'protocol' changes here need to be
# made there as well
"""This module provides the ModuleCCSession class, as well as a set of
utility functions to create and parse messages related to commands
and configuration"""
"""This module provides the ModuleCCSession and UICCSession classes,
as well as a set of utility functions to create and parse messages
related to commands and configuration"""
from import Session
from isc.config.config_data import ConfigData, MultiConfigData
......@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ def create_answer(rcode, arg = None):
return { 'result': [ rcode ] }
class ModuleCCSession:
class ModuleCCSession(ConfigData):
"""This class maintains a connection to the command channel, as
well as configuration options for modules. The module provides
a specification file that contains the module name, configuration
......@@ -81,9 +81,10 @@ class ModuleCCSession:
config_handler and command_handler are callback functions,
see set_config_handler and set_command_handler for more
information on their signatures."""
data_definition = isc.config.module_spec_from_file(spec_file_name)
self._config_data = isc.config.config_data.ConfigData(data_definition)
self._module_name = data_definition.get_module_name()
module_spec = isc.config.module_spec_from_file(spec_file_name)
ConfigData.__init__(self, module_spec)
self._module_name = module_spec.get_module_name()
......@@ -110,21 +111,6 @@ class ModuleCCSession:
application can use it directly."""
return self._session
def set_config(self, new_config):
"""Sets the current or non-default configuration"""
return self._config_data.set_local_config(new_config)
def get_config(self):
"""Returns the current or non-default configuration"""
return self._config_data.get_local_config()
def get_full_config(self):
"""Returns the current or non-default configuration"""
return self._config_data.get_full_config()
def get_module_spec(self):
return self._config_data.get_module_spec()
def close(self):
"""Close the session to the command channel"""
......@@ -162,7 +148,7 @@ class ModuleCCSession:
def __send_spec(self):
"""Sends the data specification to the configuration manager"""
self._session.group_sendmsg({ "module_spec": self._config_data.get_module_spec().get_full_spec() }, "ConfigManager")
self._session.group_sendmsg({ "module_spec": self.get_module_spec().get_full_spec() }, "ConfigManager")
answer, env = self._session.group_recvmsg(False)
def __request_config(self):
......@@ -171,8 +157,8 @@ class ModuleCCSession:
answer, env = self._session.group_recvmsg(False)
rcode, value = parse_answer(answer)
if rcode == 0:
if value != None and self._config_data.get_module_spec().validate(False, value):
if value != None and self.get_module_spec().validate(False, value):
if self._config_handler:
......@@ -182,14 +168,17 @@ class ModuleCCSession:
class UIModuleCCSession(MultiConfigData):
"""This class is used in a configuration user interface. It contains
specific functions for getting, displaying, and sending
configuration settings."""
configuration settings through the b10-cmdctl module."""
def __init__(self, conn):
"""Initialize a UIModuleCCSession. The conn object that is
passed must have send_GET and send_POST functions"""
self._conn = conn
def request_specifications(self):
"""Request the module specifications from b10-cmdctl"""
# this step should be unnecessary but is the current way cmdctl returns stuff
# so changes are needed there to make this clean (we need a command to simply get the
# full specs for everything, including commands etc, not separate gets for that)
......@@ -205,12 +194,17 @@ class UIModuleCCSession(MultiConfigData):
def request_current_config(self):
"""Requests the current configuration from the configuration
manager through b10-cmdctl, and stores those as CURRENT"""
config = self._conn.send_GET('/config_data')
if 'version' not in config or config['version'] != 1:
raise Exception("Bad config version")
def add_value(self, identifier, value_str):
"""Add a value to a configuration list. Raises a DataTypeError
if the value does not conform to the list_item_spec field
of the module config data specification"""
module_spec = self.find_spec_part(identifier)
if (type(module_spec) != dict or "list_item_spec" not in module_spec):
raise DataTypeError(identifier + " is not a list")
......@@ -223,6 +217,11 @@ class UIModuleCCSession(MultiConfigData):
self.set_value(identifier, cur_list)
def remove_value(self, identifier, value_str):
"""Remove a value from a configuration list. The value string
must be a string representation of the full item. Raises
a DataTypeError if the value at the identifier is not a list,
or if the given value_str does not match the list_item_spec
module_spec = find_spec(self.config.specification, identifier)
if (type(module_spec) != dict or "list_item_spec" not in module_spec):
raise DataTypeError(identifier + " is not a list")
......@@ -238,6 +237,8 @@ class UIModuleCCSession(MultiConfigData):
set(self.config_changes, identifier, cur_list)
def commit(self):
"""Commit all local changes, send them through b10-cmdctl to
the configuration manager"""
if self.get_local_changes():
self._conn.send_POST('/ConfigManager/set_config', self.get_local_changes())
# todo: check result
......@@ -200,7 +200,7 @@ class MultiConfigData:
return None
# this function should only be called by __request_config
def __set_current_config(self, config):
def _set_current_config(self, config):
"""Replace the full current config values."""
self._current_config = config
......@@ -370,5 +370,3 @@ class MultiConfigData:
return spec_name_list(spec, identifier + "/")
return self._specifications.keys()
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