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[master] ChangeLog updated after 5253 merge.

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1255. [bug] tomek
Control Agent now writes proper configuration when using
config-write command.
(Trac #5253, git a1b5da4db6ebfa9635bbe411ec363cdcc4fd1d28)
1254. [func] tomek
Various improvements needed for upcoming host commands library:
host data source is now able to delete hosts, hosts can be exported
......@@ -5,7 +10,7 @@
file, several compilation warnings removed.
(Trac #5208, git 88555d8f23745f3d615448e906796920cc7f44d0)
1253. [func,doc] tomek
1253. [func,doc] tomek
Default configuration file has been overhauled significantly. It
now covers many additional options and features. Command channel
is now enabled by default. Thanks to Dan Mahoney for his review.
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