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......@@ -286,8 +286,19 @@ RBNode<T>::successor() const {
/// \brief RBTreeNodeChain is used to keep track of the sequence of
/// nodes to reach any given node from the root of RBTree.
/// \brief RBTreeNodeChain stores detailed information of \c RBTree::find()
/// result.
/// - The \c RBNode that was last compared with the search name, and
/// the comparison result at that point in the form of
/// \c isc::dns::NameComparisonResult.
/// - A sequence of nodes that forms a path to the found node (which is
/// not yet implemented).
/// The comparison result can be used to handle some rare cases such as
/// empty node processing.
/// The node sequence keeps track of the nodes to reach any given node from
/// the root of RBTree.
/// Currently, RBNode does not have "up" pointers in them (i.e., back pointers
/// from the root of one level of tree of trees to the node in the parent
......@@ -299,6 +310,10 @@ RBNode<T>::successor() const {
/// quite likely we want to have that pointer if we want to optimize name
/// compression by exploiting the structure of the zone. If and when that
/// happens we should also revisit the need for the chaining.
/// Also, the class name may not be appropriate now that it contains other
/// information than a node "chain", and the chain itself may even be
/// deprecated. Something like "RBTreeFindContext" may be a better name.
/// This point should be revisited later.
/// RBTreeNodeChain is constructed and manipulated only inside the \c RBTree
/// class.
......@@ -347,19 +362,42 @@ public:
/// TBD
/// Clear the state of the chain.
/// This method re-initializes the internal state of the chain so that
/// it can be reused for subsequent operations.
/// \exception None
void clear() {
node_count_ = 0;
last_compared_ = NULL;
/// TBD
/// Return the \c RBNode that was last compared in \c RBTree::find().
/// If this chain has been passed to \c RBTree::find() and there has
/// been name comparison against the search name, the last compared
/// \c RBNode is recorded within the chain. This method returns that
/// node.
/// If \c RBTree::find() hasn't been called with this chain or name
/// comparison hasn't taken place (which is possible if the tree is empty),
/// this method returns \c NULL.
/// \exception None
const RBNode<T>* getLastComparedNode() const {
return (last_compared_);
/// Return the result of last name comparison in \c RBTree::find().
/// Like \c getLastComparedNode(), \c RBTree::find() records the result
/// of the last name comparison in the chain. This method returns the
/// result.
/// The return value of this method is only meaningful when comparison
/// has taken place, i.e, when \c getLastComparedNode() would return a
/// non \c NULL value.
/// \exception None
const isc::dns::NameComparisonResult& getLastComparisonResult() const {
return (last_comparison_);
......@@ -560,12 +598,18 @@ public:
/// The callbacks are not general functors for the same reason - we don't
/// expect it to be needed.
/// Another special feature of this version is the ability to provide
/// a node chain containing a path to the found node. The chain will be
/// returned via the \c node_path parameter.
/// Another special feature of this version is the ability to record
/// more detailed information regarding the search result.
/// This information will be returned via the \c node_path parameter,
/// which is an object of class \c RBTreeNodeChain.
/// The passed parameter must be empty.
/// On success, it will contain all the ancestor nodes from the found
/// node towards the root.
/// \note The rest of the description isn't yet implemented. It will be
/// handled in Trac ticket #517.
/// On success, the node sequence stoed in \c node_path will contain all
/// the ancestor nodes from the found node towards the root.
/// For example, if we look for o.w.y.d.e.f in the example \ref diagram,
/// \c node_path will contain w.y and d.e.f; the \c top() node of the
/// chain will be o, w.f and d.e.f will be stored below it.
......@@ -579,13 +623,13 @@ public:
/// node of a given node in the entire RBTree; the \c nextNode() method
/// takes a node chain as a parameter.
/// \exception isc::BadValue node_path is not empty.
/// \exception isc::BadValue node_path is not empty (not yet implemented).
/// \param name Target to be found
/// \param node On success (either \c EXACTMATCH or \c PARTIALMATCH)
/// it will store a pointer to the matching node
/// \param node_path It will store all the ancestor nodes in the RBTree
/// from the found node to the root. The found node is stored.
/// \param node_path Other search details will be stored (see the
/// description)
/// \param callback If non \c NULL, a call back function to be called
/// at marked nodes (see above).
/// \param callback_arg A caller supplied argument to be passed to
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