Commit 4d3f1c82 authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[2833] cleanup: removed now-unused declaration of ZoneTableSegment::create.

parent ad797b98
......@@ -106,18 +106,6 @@ public:
static ZoneTableSegment* create(const isc::data::Element& config,
const isc::dns::RRClass& rrclass);
/// \brief Temporary/Testing version of create.
/// This exists as a temporary solution during the migration phase
/// towards using the ZoneTableSegment. It doesn't take a config,
/// but a memory segment instead. If you can, you should use the
/// other version, this one will be gone soon.
/// \param segment The memory segment to use.
/// \return Returns a new ZoneTableSegment object.
/// \todo Remove this method.
static ZoneTableSegment* create(isc::util::MemorySegment& segment);
/// \brief Destroy a ZoneTableSegment
/// This method destroys the passed ZoneTableSegment. It must be
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