Commit 4e1b39e2 authored by Razvan Becheriu's avatar Razvan Becheriu

[#947] added ChangeLog

parent 0dfb5099
1723. [func] razvan
1724. [func] razvan
Added packet thread pool in dhcpv4 and dhcpv6 servers. It adds
the ability to handle processPacket function on multiple threads.
When enabled, parked packets are also added to the queue of items
to be handles by the thread pool. The packet thread pool is
currently disabled and there is no option to enable this yet.
currently disabled and there is no option to enable it yet.
(Gitlab #892)
1722. [func] tmark
1723. [func] tmark
Hostname sanitizing is now globally enabled by default. Prior
to this it was disabled.
(Gitlab #1048)
1721. [bug] razvan
1722. [bug] razvan
Compilation fix for MySQL/MariaDB on Ubuntu 19.10.
(Gitlab #1071)
1721. [func] fdupont
Added multi_threading_compatible function in hooks to retrieve
the compatibility with multi-threading. This function is called
when loading libraries and if it reports 0 and multi-threading is
enabled, then the library will be ignored. The absence of this
function from the library default to incompatibility with
multi-threading. All hooks and premium hooks must be updated to
be able to be used with multi-threading.
(Gitlab #947)
1720. [func]* tomek
The next step status in pkt4_send hook point now is able to
distinguish between SKIP (Kea will skip packing the packet with
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