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This is the top directory for sample programs that can be developed
using public BIND 10 libraries outside of the BIND 10 project. It's
intended to be built with installed BIND 10 header files and library
objects, so it's not a target of the main build tree, and does not
refer to any other part of the BIND 10 source tree that contains
this directory.
On the top (sub) directory (where this README file is stored), we
provide a sample and files for GNU automake
environments with helper autoconf macros to detect the available and
location of BIND 10 header files and library objects.
You can use the and files with macros under
the "m4" subdirectory as a template for your own project. The key is
to call the AX_ISC_BIND10 function (as the sample does)
from your Then it will check the availability of
necessary stuff and set some corresponding AC variables. You can then
use the resulting variables in your or
If you use automake, don't forget adding the following line to the top
This is necessary to incorporate the helper macro definitions.
If you don't use automake but autoconf, make sure to add the following
to the file:
(and same for other m4 files as they are added under m4/)
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