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[5478] Added User's Guide section with CA configuration for HA.

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......@@ -3435,6 +3435,46 @@ both the command and the response.
hot standby and load balancing mode of operation.</para>
</section> <!-- end of ha-hot-standby-config -->
<section xml:id="ha-ctrl-agent-config">
<title>Control Agent Configuration</title>
<para>The <xref linkend="kea-ctrl-agent"/> describes in detail the
Kea deamon which provides RESTful interface to control Kea servers.
The same functionality is used by High Availability hook library to
establish communication between the HA peers. Therefore, the HA
library requires that Control Agent is started for each DHCP
instance within HA setup. If the Control Agent is not started
the peers will not be able to communicate with the particular DHCP
server (even if the DHCP server itself is online) and may eventually
consider this server to be offline.
<para>The following is the example configuration for the CA running
on the same machine as the primary server. This configuration is
valid for both load balancing and hot standby cases presented in
previous sections.
"Control-agent": {
"http-host": "",
"http-port": 8080,
"control-sockets": {
"dhcp4": {
"socket-type": "unix",
"socket-name": "/tmp/kea-dhcp4-ctrl.sock"
"dhcp6": {
"socket-type": "unix",
"socket-name": "/tmp/kea-dhcp6-ctrl.sock"
</section> <!-- end of ha-ctrl-agent-config -->
</section> <!-- end of high-availability-library -->
<xi:include xmlns:xi="" href="hooks-radius.xml"/>
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