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[master] added some minimul level comment to RRsetList to avoid misuse.

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......@@ -73,6 +73,27 @@ private:
T it_;
/// A set of RRsets.
/// \note Do not use this class unless you really understand what
/// you're doing and you're 100% sure that this class is the best choice
/// for your purpose.
/// Counter intuitively, this class is not a "list" of RRsets but a
/// "set" of them; it doesn't allow multiple RRsets of the same RR
/// type and RR class to be added at the same time. And, for that
/// reason, adding an RRset is more expensive than you'd expect. The
/// class name is confusing, but was named so as a result of
/// compromise: "RRsetset" would look awkward; RRsets would be
/// confusing (with RRset).
/// In any case, if you want a list like container of RRsets, your best choice
/// would be \c std::vector<RRset> or \c std::list<RRset>, not this class.
/// In fact, in many cases \c RRsetList will be a suboptimal choice.
/// This class is defined publicly as part of libdns++ for a historical
/// reason and is actually quite specific to a particular need for libdatasrc.
/// If you are tempted to use it, think twice to assess if this class
/// is really what you want. Again, in many cases the answer will be no.
class RRsetList {
RRsetList(const RRsetList& source);
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