Commit 586cf9ef authored by Vicky Risk's avatar Vicky Risk Committed by Tomek Mrugalski
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Update ha-scopes.json

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"name": "ha-scopes",
"brief": "This command allows for modifying the High Availability (HA) scopes
that the server is serving.a sentence or two explaining what this command does",
"brief": "This command modifies the scope that the server is responsible for serving when operating in High Availability (HA) mode.",
"description": "See <xref linkend=\"command-ha-scopes\"/>",
"support": [ "kea-dhcp4", "kea-dhcp6" ],
"avail": "1.4.0",
......@@ -12,6 +11,5 @@
\"arguments\": {
\"scopes\": [ \"HA_server1\", \"HA_server2\" ]
"cmd-comment": " In the example given, the arguments configure the server to handle traffic from both HA_server1 and HA_server2 scopes.",
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