Commit 594ae378 authored by Francis Dupont's avatar Francis Dupont
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[5389] Fixed Dhcpv6SharedNetworkTest::reservedAddressAndPrefix typo

parent 1d7e842e
......@@ -2021,7 +2021,7 @@ TEST_F(Dhcpv6SharedNetworkTest, reservedAddressAndPrefix) {
ASSERT_EQ(4, client.getLeaseNum());
// The client should have got one reserved address and one reserved prefix.
ASSERT_TRUE(hasLeaseForAddress(client, IOAddress("2001:db8:2::28")));
ASSERT_TRUE(hasLeaseForPrefix(client, IOAddress("5000::8:00000"), 112, IAID(0x1111)));
ASSERT_TRUE(hasLeaseForPrefix(client, IOAddress("5000::8:0000"), 112, IAID(0x1111)));
// The client should have got dynamically allocated address too and it must be
// different than the reserved address.
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