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[2836] Update the docs about trees

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......@@ -1301,21 +1301,24 @@ public:
/// doesn't exist.
/// This method normally involves resource allocation. If it fails
/// the corresponding standard exception will be thrown.
/// \c std::bad_alloc will be thrown. Also, depending on details the
/// specific \c MemorySegment, it can propagate the \c MemorySegmentGrown
/// exception.
/// This method does not provide the strong exception guarantee in its
/// strict sense; if an exception is thrown in the middle of this
/// method, the internal structure may change. However, it should
/// still retain the same property as a mapping container before this
/// method is called. For example, the result of \c find() should be
/// the same. This method provides the weak exception guarantee in its
/// normal sense.
/// In particular, this method can propagate the \c MemorySegmentGrown
/// exception from the \c MemorySegment object. In such case, some of
/// the internal nodes may have been already allocated (but hold no data).
/// Retrying the insert (possibly multiple times) would lead to the same
/// structure eventually.
/// strict sense; there can be new empty nodes that are superdomains of
/// the domain to be inserted as a side effect. However, the tree
/// retains internal integrity otherwise, and, in particular, the intended
/// insert operation is "resumable": if the \c insert() method is called
/// again with the same argument after resolving the cause of the
/// exception (possibly multiple times), it should now succeed. Note,
/// however, that i case of \c MemorySegmentGrown the address of the
/// `DomainTree` object may have been reallocated if it was created with
/// the same \c MemorySegment (which will often be the case in practice).
/// So the caller may have to re-get the address before calling \c insert
/// again. It can be done using the concept of "named addresses" of
/// \c MemorySegment, or the direct caller may not have to worry about it
/// if this condition is guaranteed at a higher level.
/// \param mem_sgmt A \c MemorySegment object for allocating memory of
/// a new node to be inserted. Must be the same segment as that used
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